1728 Dental Clinic (Jurong)
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1728 Dental Clinic (Jurong)

135 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-319, Singapore 600135

About Us

在1728年,“现代牙科之父” 皮埃尔·福查尔撰写了世界上第一本关于牙科的综合性文章;在过去的300年中让全世界无数的学生,从业者和患者受益。

In the year 1728, the “father of modern dentistry,” Pierre Fauchard, wrote the world’s first comprehensive text on Dentistry; benefiting countless students, practitioners, and patients around the world in the last 300 years.

今天,1728牙科诊所延续了皮埃尔·福查尔的理念,通过实惠的价格提供高质量的牙科护理, 不忘创新使用牙科资源和专业知识,继续惠及更多人。

Today, 1728 Dental Practice continues to benefit many more people by delivering quality dental care at more affordable rates, through our tireless hunt for–and innovative use of–dental resources and expertise.

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