Osstem Dental Implant Centre
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Osstem Dental Implant Centre

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-01 Singapore 059817

About Us

Osstem Implant is the first implant company that built and pioneered dental implant when South Korea was newborn in medical equipment industry.

Under to business philosophy of “contribute to better human health by providing dentists with better treatment”, we have innovated and exploited the road that no other took and raised dazzling achievement.

With the highest quality and competiveness, we expanded as a company that ranks first in Asia, Pacific region and fourth globally. We are leading the national market with 28 corporation in China, Japan ,USA, Germany and 70 sales network globally. Moreover, during 2017-2018 our brand became most used implant brand by dentists, taking spot as number one brand in implant fixture sales.

However, Osstem’s challenge does not stop here.

With supporting dental treatment by total dental solution, we are setting goal as becoming number one implant company by 2023. Further we will lead the world’s dentist industry and become digital dentistry leader by digital dentistry full lineup. Osstem’s challenge will never stop, reaching further and further as No.1 dental company.

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