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About Us

Universe Dental aims to provide quality and affordable dental services to the general public.

We strive to provide heavily/fully subsidised basic dental treatment to lower income Blue CHAS/Health Assist patients whenever possible. Eg Scaling and Polishing or Fillings.

Our dentists and staff always strive to explain all dental procedures and treatment options before we start treatment in order to reassure patients and allay their dental fear / phobia.

We provide a wide range of dental services including Dental Implants, Whitening, Clear Aligners, management of nocturnal Teeth Grinding and Bad Breath.

Everybody needs to have regular dental check-up, every 6 months, starting from One year old child; in order to maintain our teeth, smile and oral health to a ripe old age.

We need to maintain our smile for life for both social reasons and also to have a healthy set of teeth to ingest good food and healthy nutrition for better health and longevity.

Our Team
Dr. Toh Tee Yong
Dr. Toh has graduated from dental faculty in National University of Singapore since 1994 and has been practicing general dentistry for more than 2 decades.

His field of practice include Implants to replace missing teeth, Cosmetic Dentistry and doing Braces or making Clear Aligners to straighten teeth.
He is truly passionate about dentistry and loves to do various aspects of dentistry to help to improve the overall oral health and well-being of the patients; ranging from the young to the elderly, from doing Myobrace to straighten teeth naturally in the young, to smile makeover, doing implants to replacing teeth, dentures, implant supported dentures.
With his wealth of experience, he is able to reassure tense and fearful patients and put them at ease before each procedure.

Dr. Neo Boon Hwee
Dr Neo graduated from NUS (Dentistry) in 1996. She was the Pioneer Dental Officer–in charge of setting up and running the Dental Division in Tampines Polyclinic from 1997 -1998.

Under Health Promotion Board (Dental), Dr Neo also provided School Dental Services to the Secondary school children in the Woodlands area in 2004 and 2005.
Dr Neo practices general and preventive dentistry and also volunteered in the Health Promotion Board Road show to provide Oral Health Screening and also to help create public awareness of the Health Assist cards to the residents especially to the lower income families and elderly in the initial launch.

Dr. Kenneth Cheong
Dr Kenneth Cheong graduated from National University of Singapore in 2006 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
He spent several years in public service at the National Dental Centre. He is well versed with various aspects of dentistry including crowns and bridges, minor surgery, root canal therapy, braces, etc.

Dentist Chuang Siok Hwee
Dentist Chuang Siok Hwee is a Division II Dentist. She has been working with Health Promotion Board for 38 years.
She has a friendly and gentle personality. She puts her patients at ease and reduces their anxiety. She is especially good with Child Patients.

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